Need help with your WordPress help? We can help with fixing security, performance, and design issues. We can also help with extending your WordPress website with custom programming to add functionality or fix existing functionality.


Slow loading websites are a common problem for many small business websites.

We can fix your slow-loading website by configuring performance-enhancing plugins. We can also provide all the benefits of our high performing web hosting for your website for likely less than you are paying now.

Our optimizations and hosting can achieve page load times in less than a second and sometimes less than a half second if the page does not have a lot of content.


We can analyze your website for security vulnerabilities. Security problems usually exist for unsupported plugins and themes that aren’t regularly updated. They also exist for numerous WordPress configuration issues. We use WordPress tools and plugins to help identify and harden your WordPress website from the various threats.


We have automated tools for general cleanup and optimization of your database. We can also look at your database to remove data from old plugins and remove other obsolete data.


We can update your WordPress website to update the design and content of your website.


Most WordPress designers are limited by the tools they use. As a WordPress plugin developer, we can develop custom plugins to extend the functionality of your WordPress website. If you are a WordPress website designer, we will be happy to work with you to help you customize and optimize your WordPress websites. We have developed such thing as:

  • Custom post types and display of custom content
  • Custom tools to migrate large amounts of pages and posts for use with new themes and designs
  • Custom markup to improve SEO
  • Custom search engines
  • Custom RSS feed readers and content scrapers

We follow WordPress coding standards and best practices.

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