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RamaOnHealthcare has become a top "curation engine" for healthcare leaders in the new digital healthcare economy. Subscribers include executives and directors from major corporations with testimonials from directors at CVS, Microsoft, Cerner, AmWell, and Mayo Clinic. The newsletter plays an important role in bringing healthcare insights from numerous sources and across multiple topics in one daily newsletter.

aSolution.company performed redevelopment in partnership with SILCO Software Technology Inc., HealthHusk, Evan's Design Studio, and Demandcraft through several redesign and software development iterations. Development is ongoing with exciting new features coming soon.


  • Custom Avada WordPress theme
  • Data migration of over 10,000 articles and custom taxonomies
  • Optimized for performance
  • Optimized workflow to curate new articles from over 1000 sources
  • Custom UX to quickly add, categorize, and tag new articles
  • Custom RSS feed reader
  • Article scraping from popular sources
  • Custom post, source, and data quality reports
  • Constant Contact newsletter integration
  • Custom sponsor/ad plugin
  • Custom search engine with keyword stemming
  • Contact form
  • SEO
  • High performance AWS Cloud Hosting with Aurora MySQL RDS

Website: ramaonhealthcare.com


Digital healthcare is a fast growing sector in healthcare. Being networked with the startups and established companies is vital to a career in digital healthcare. DigiHealth.jobs provides that connection for careers in digital healthcare.

aSolution.company performed development in partnership with Demandcraft for Boards@Work. Development is ongoing with new features including the tagging of job postings with digital healthcare topics and integration of digital healthcare company data.


  • Modified Jobskee job board
  • Advanced search
  • Stripe subscription integration
  • TinyMCE editor integration
  • MailChimp newsletter integration
  • TinyURL integration
  • Contact form
  • SEO
  • Semantic web tagging using schema.org
  • Daily backfill of job postings from partners

Website: digihealth.jobs

CareCloud Revenue Lab

Developed a WordPress micro-website for CareCloud to integrate into their main Website.

  • Fully encapsulated as a WordPress Plugin
  • Custom taxonomies
  • Wistia featured video integration
  • Featured image integration

Website: carecloud.com/revlab


Developed a teaser website for bkwrm in partnership with DemandCraft.com to promote a new book club app.

  • Simple LAMP Website
  • Mailchimp Integration

Website: bkwrm.club

Silver Stone Press

Silver Stone Press is a successful independent publishing company owned by Han Vance to sell his own books and to sell the books of local independent writers. It is also used to announce author events and new releases. New releases of books are often sold out in a week.

The website redesign included a new Stripe payment gateway based on feedback of his customers being concerned about having to sign-up with PayPal to purchase a book. It was also designed to be more mobile friendly based on customer feedback. A newsletter was added so that customers can sign-up to receive announcements on new book releases and author events. The blog was also redesigned to reflect the purpose of announcing new book releases and author events.


  • Custom Divi WordPress theme
  • WooCommerce store
  • WooCommerce product slider
  • Stripe and Paypal payment gateways
  • MailChimp newsletter integration
  • Blog for news & events
  • Contact form
  • Popup Dialogs
  • SEO

Website: silverstonepress.com

Rhino Services

Rhino Services works with the Georgia Department of Transportation to keep the Atlanta interstates free from flooding by cleaning the shoulders and drains. Rhino Services also works with major contractors at the Atlanta airport and on the Atlanta interstates. Their website was designed with a modest focus and forward-looking goal to promote their other numerous industrial cleaning and environmental services.

The website was recently redesigned, adding an online employment application and highlighting their new coronavirus remediation service.


  • Custom Avada WordPress theme
  • Image slider with Ken Burns effect
  • News articles
  • Videos
  • Image gallery
  • Contact form
  • Online employment application
  • Google map
  • SEO

Website: rhinoservices.com

Swanson Pool Solutions

Swanson Pool Solutions is a small business success story. While there were many factors contributing to the success story, a modest investment in a website and $50/month advertising budget with Google Adwords played a major role in helping Kevin Swanson quickly and reliably acquire new clients and grow his business. Today, his Google AdWords budget is a lot larger, as well as his revenues, and is rapidly becoming one of the largest pool cleaning and repair businesses on the South side of Atlanta.


  • Custom OnePress WordPress Theme
  • Image gallery
  • Contact form
  • Google map
  • SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Google Adwords

Website: swansonpoolsolutions.net

Yellow Pages Scraper

Yellow Pages Data Mining

Developed a Yellow Pages data mining application that stores contact information for businesses.

  • Developed to host locally or on AWS Lightsail for rotating IP addresses
  • Ability to configure multiple categories and locations in one crawl
  • Data is saved to CVS files to import into a spreadsheet
  • Visits every listing to grab detailed information
  • Crawls thousands of pages using Ajax
  • Provides progress in a dialog window

Please contact us if you are interested in the Yellow Pages scraper or the custom development of a data mining application.