WordPress Websites / Online Marketing / Content Management

Website Design

Our Process

  • We review your current online presence and your goals for your website design.
  • We form a plan tailored for your needs.
  • We assist you with initial content creation.
  • We customize a premium WordPress theme for a professional website design and for viewing on all devices.
  • We review the website design and content until you are happy with it.
  • We register your website with popular search engines and perform search engine optimization so that people can find your website.
  • We provide web hosting with your website design with our fast and reliable web hosting provider or can recommend an affordable, fast, and reliable web hosting provider for your needs.
  • We optimize your web site for performance to improve page loading times with compression, server caching, browser caching, content delivery networks (CDN), PHP 7 OPcache, SSD, image optimization, HTML/CSS/JS optimization, and other optimizations.
  • We provide a 3-tiered environment for development, testing, and live production websites.
  • We can provide configuration management (revision control) for your website.
  • We provide WordPress admin access and FTP access.
  • We can add email addresses and email forwarders for your website.
  • We perform automated backups and use automated systems to monitor, update, and optimize your WordPress website. We may also manually optimize and update your website for current best practices.
  • We provide maintenance if you need to change your website or add something to your website. We provide 2 hours of free maintenance each year with your yearly web hosting and maintenance fee.
  • If you have problems with an existing website, we can troubleshoot your website and provide solutions.
  • If desired, we guide you with effective search engine optimization, online marketing, and advertising strategies.
  • If desired, we can show your how to use WordPress to update your website.

WordPress Websites

WordPress is an affordable website solution and is the most popular website content management system, powering millions of websites. WordPress themes offer the ability to quickly give your website a professional responsive design for desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The WordPress engine gives you the ability to easily create, manage, and maintain your content. WordPress plugins allow you to extend the functionality of your WordPress website.

We develop with ThemeFusion Avada, Kriesi.at Enfold, and Elegant Themes Divi premium WordPress themes. These themes include their own page builders, premium plugins, and several example website designs. We modify the style of the theme for a custom design. We can develop with other themes and customize themes, but we suggest using an actively supported and updated theme.

These themes are well-supported and include updates. We configure and install performance enhancing plugins to optimize your page load speeds. We can install and configure others plugins for your needs. We can also provide custom plugin development for your website.

Online Marketing

We register your business with the major search engines and perform search engine optimization (SEO). We guide you with social media marketing to improve your ability to connect with customers online. We also guide you with effective online advertising to reliably acquire new clients.

Content Management

We can assist in the creation, structuring, management, and presentation of your content. Content may include textual information, images, video, audio, and other multimedia.

Premium Managed Web Hosting

Our premium web hosting and maintenance fee starts at $60/year for a small business website, plus domain name registration fees, which is less than most economy web hosting plans with economy web hosting providers. For this low fee, we provide the following services:

  • We manage your web hosting and keep your website updated.
  • We handle the technical details to make sure your website is optimized and maintained for performance, reliability, and security.
  • We regularly update your website for current best practices, identify problems when they arise, and provide fixes.
  • We provide development and staging websites for testing changes and updates.
  • We utilize tools for configuration management (revision control), requirements management, and collaborative project management.
  • We can show you how to easily update your content using WordPress if you plan to frequently add or change content.
  • If you need to add or change anything to your website, the first two hours of maintenance are free each year with your web hosting and maintenance fee.

Depending upon your needs, we can also help you if you need or require your own web hosting.